Saturday, 31 January 2009

25 things...

There is a new facebook game doing the rounds where you are tagged by someone in their notes who has listed 25 random things about themselves and wants you to do the same. Since I spent quite a bit of time putting them together I thought I would post them here, apologies if you have already seen them on my facebook!

1. I studied archaeology at university because secretly I really wanted to be Indiana Jones
2. I get really irate when slugs decimate my hosta
3. I never buy French white wine
4. I have performed the Lambeth walk on Mongolian national television
5. I genuinely scare myself sometime when I realise I am speaking and I have no idea what I am talking about
6. I miss my cat – a lot
7. I hope I get to visit Tristan da Cunah before I die
8. Abide with me is my favourite hymn
9. As a child I planned to have six children and be running a multi-national company by the time I was thirty.
10. I would love to learn to play the drums
11. I am a world class procrastinator
12. It wasn’t until last year I realised that I am actually quite a good cook.
13. As if to prove a point over 24 hours elapsed between me writing point 11 and point 12!
14. I am terrified of driving and consequently have never had a driving license.
15. I absolutely adore garden gnomes and hope to expand my collection when I get a place of my own again.
16. I only earned 4 badges as a Brownie, Home help, swimming, world guiding and bookworm.
17. Despite being nearly ordained I still don’t know the order of all the books in the bible – I keep getting lost in the Minor Prophets and the Epistles…
18. I am addicted to Spider Solitaire – which is probably one of the biggest contributors to point 11..
19. I think the closet thing to heaven on earth is a big, comfy chair, a log fire, a large pot of tea, a cat on the lap and a huge pile of books with all the time in the world to read them.
20. Despite being an incredibly clumsy person I have never broken any bones… yet!
21. Jane is my middle name, for some reason lots people in my family go by their second name including my aunts, grandfather, great uncles and aunts and great-grandfather.
22. I much prefer cold weather to hot and detest humidity – so why I keep going on holiday to hot and humid countries is beyond me :o)
23. I love people watching and particular like airports and train stations because you can have great fun trying to work out the stories of why people are there.
24. I never leave home without my keys, purse, I-pod and a book.
25. Nobody can make me laugh as much as my mum, she cracks me up :o)

Monday, 12 January 2009

Todays recomendation...

... Is the film "Slumdog Millionaire". I went to see it tonight and it is blooming brilliant.

In a world where we tend to see the same old, same old over and again this is genuinely different. With fantastic performances, amazing cinematography and a great script its a real winner.

The only problem is it has made me want to go and ride trains in India!

In case you have had you head in a bucket for the last couple of months and haven't heard of the film, here is a trailer.... enjoy!